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Saturday Schedule (see below for full descriptions)

9-10 AM




Amberetta -
Sword Choreo


Kira - Asian Combos

Lee Ford - Poi

12:30-2:30 PM

Majda - Shimmy Drill

Taylor - Cabaret Fusion

Kira - Easy Combos

Marcia - Salsa

2:45-4:45 PM

Ziah -
ATS Lineage and Technique

Diane - Intro to
American Cabaret

Porkchop - Hooping

Sunday Schedule (see below for full descriptions)


Pumkin - Hip Hop

Jahara Phoenix -
ATS 101


Lee Ford - Fire Safety

1-4 PM

Shimmy Contest

2-4 PM

Sanam - Bollywood

Inara & Shan'i -
Fire & Ice

Jendayi - Polynesian Dance

Darbuka Dave - Basic Doumbek

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Workshop Descriptions



















Darbuka Dave

Amberetta: Sword Choreography with Amberetta:
Get moving with your sword! This class will begin with basic balancing techniques and move on to break out of the mold of “traditional” sword dancing with new sword tricks. Amberetta will incorporate your new tricks into a fun Tribal Fusion choreography. The choreography can be done without a sword, but will be more fun if you have one. Tips for converting the choreography to one for double sword will be offered at the end of the workshop. THERE WILL BE FLOOR WORK, so please bring knee pads.

Zumba is just like being at the club on the dance floor with the music pumpin'! A fusion of Latin music, rhythms, and dance moves with fitness elements, Zumba is a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away and burn those calories ~ 500-1,000 calories in just one class!! Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Mambo, Cumbia, Body Pumpin', Samba, Belly Dance, Hip Shakin', Regageton, and more!!! You'll learn all of these moves, dance to the hottest latin and pop music, and sweat like you've never sweat before! Ditch the boring work out and join the party!!! ZUMBA!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayanna Kafi: Chakra Yoga for Bellydance
Yoga is an ancient form of meditative physical fitness. Deemed by many as the “perfect” form of exercise, yoga strives to connect the physical body with the mind and spirit. There is an emphasis on the chakras and their meanings in old yogic philosophy as well as modern day asana practice. Chakra Yoga is a natural complement to Bellydance because of its use of mindfulness, centering visualizations, structural alignment as well as its emphasis creating strength and flexibility in muscles. In this workshop we will journey through the chakras, gaining an understanding of how to focus, balance and use the energies to our benefit.

Aziza Nawal: Beginner Zils
Learn the art of playing the zils (finger cymbals) whether you are a beginner or experienced dancer who wants build strong technique. Aziza Nawal will teach you to play fundamental patterns combined with steps and movement in an encouraging environment. Playing zils improves rhythm, enhances musical interpretation in performance and is really fun! There will be some sets of zils provided for use in class and some available for purchase.

Diana: Intro to American Cabaret
Learn the basics of one of the most exciting forms of belly dancing that swept America in the ‘70s and ‘80s and is making a come back. The solo 5-part routine, performed to live band music covered a spectrum of moods and movements specific to Middle Eastern dance. Diana, veteran performer in Atlanta Middle Eastern restaurants in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, will teach you the basics of this form of dance which you can use to spice up restaurant performances and parties. Every level from beginner to advanced can take away something from the 5-part routine. Concentration will be on dynamic entrances, veil work, and Turkish Karshilimar finale. Bring veil, and if you’d like to use finger cymbals, bring those, however, they are not required to take the class.

Diane Gottlich: Yoga Intensive
Please come and join in our yoga class designed for Belly Dancers! This will be a 1 hour yoga class focused on ensuring proper technique and alignment in poses that benefit a belly dancers’ flexibility/posture and that promotes core strengthening. Class work will consist of a teacher demonstration / description of each asana (posture) and then a guided monologue for students as they repeat the pose. Students are taught the correct use of props, so that everyone can achieve every pose, comfortably and safely. Each person is encouraged to work within their own physical capacity. Yoga is not about competing. It is about the individual striving to experience their own highest potential with safety and ease. Each person will receive individual attention. Bring a mat, 2 yoga blocks if you have them and wear comfortable attire. Diane Gottlich is a Registered Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hr level and has over 1600 hours of teaching experience.

Inara/Sha'ni: Fire and Ice - Beginning Candle Technique and Eye Candy Demo
Have you ever wanted to learn how to enchant and thrill audiences with the allure of candle dancing? Inara, a well known and respected belly dancing professional in the Atlanta area, frequently incorporates candle dancing in her performances. While candle choreography may seem dangerous and hard, Inara has a gift for breaking down the techniques and moves so that dancers of all levels will be able to learn. She always provides alternative choreography based on the comfort level of her students. By the time you finish this exciting and fun 1 1/2 hour beginner level workshop, you will have the confidence to perform an amazing candle dance. Class size is limited so sign-up early to be a part of
this incredible workshop.

The amazingly talented Sha'ni will fill the remaining 30 minutes of this time slot with an informative and tempting demonstration of how to apply the sparkling Eye Candy so that it pops in any performance situation. You won't want to miss this demo!!

Jahara Phoenix Dance Company: ATS 101 – Why we love ATS!
This workshop will be an intro to the much-loved American Tribal Style created by Carolena Nericcio of Fat Chance Belly Dance. Jaki, Oracle, and Djinn of the Jahara Phoenix Dance Company will be covering a few fast moves from the ATS vocabulary and working through the basic formation and lead change options. This class will focus on why we love this style (dancing in group, joyful dance expression, a world-wide community, and MORE) and will be a fun class for those who are already in love with ATS!!!

Kira: Asian Fusion Combos
Learn combinations inspired by the court dance of the Chinese Tang Dynasty, Classic dance of Thailand, Bukharan dance of Uzbekistan and other Central and East Asian cultures. New combinations utalizing foot work, arm & hand moves, facial expression and stylization from dances of the Silk Road.

Kira: Easy combos using basic moves for beginning dancers
Breaking down and building on basic moves and foot patterns you can start dancing today. Many students increase their inspiration to practice by using simple combinations. We will also work on adding or altering aspects for personal stylization and for music compatibility and to help you build your own combinations or choreography.

Lee Ford: Poi Class
Poi is the Maori word for “ball” and also a Polynesian food. Poi as a dance is a Polynesian performance art employing a ball suspended from a length of flexible material held in the hand and swung in circular patterns. Veil poi, glow poi, and fire poi all use the same techniques to describe patterns around the dancer. Lee will be covering the basics of poi dancing, forward, backward, turning around, horizontal circles and some basic tricks as well as how to incorporate your tricks into a beautiful, flowing dance.

Lee Ford: Fire Safety Class
Fire safety is the most important concern of any fire performer whenever he or she lights up. Lee has had extensive experience as a fire performer, traveled the world performing and has the burn scars to prove it. She will use this experience to teach you all of the safety guidelines that she has learned over the years, including fuels and their uses, various fire props and how they can be safely uses, costuming for fire performances and the basics of how to have a safe yet dynamic show.

Majda Anwar: Majda's Shimmy Drill: Get Ready to Shimmy!!!
Shimmies are the most fun part of belly dance, and they give you a workout! Come learn some of the many different types of shimmies to add to your belly dance repertoire from Majda Anwar of Awalim. In this workshop, Majda will cover the wide range of shimmies in terms of musicality and layer work, with an emphasis on flawless technique to add to your drum solo or to prepare you for the Shimmy-a-thon Shimmy Contest!



Marcia: Beginner Samba Fusion- Spice up your dance
Fuse your inner bellydancer with a mix of samba, Brazilian and other world dance styles for a fun, creative and hot new style that you can incorporate into your dance and choreography. This class will review basic techniques for the beginning dancer and introduce new combos for the more experienced dancer looking to spice up their repertoire. Guaranteed to be exciting and taught by one of the area's best instructors. Marcia has had extensive training in Brazilian dance and bellydance having grown up in Brazil.

Pork Chop: Hooping...Awakening the serpent
The focus of this 2 hour workshop will be on moving the hoop through waist and hip hooping up the torso utilizing subtle movement of the spine. This action releases blockages and creates new space for movement and development. Once the energy is brought up, we will bring it out with expressive tricks off the body.

Pumkin: Hip Hop

Sanam: Welcome to Bollywood
Always wanted to learn to dance like a Bollywood movie star? Here's your chance! No previous Bollywood dance experience required. The workshop begins with a review of the rich history and culture of Bollywood, followed by a warm-up session and step-by-step easy to follow moves and dance progressions. You’ll learn intricate handwork, and hip and body movements specific to the Bollywood style. We’ll use these movements and learn combination to dance like Bollywood’s heroes and heroines. This workshop is fun and light-hearted, some dance background preferred, but not necessary. Dress in comfortable and brightly colored clothing, put your movie star makeup on, wear some dangle-earrings and come join the fun!

Taylor Gerard: Cabaret Fusion Choreography
Learn a cabaret fusion choreography that incorporates elements of Turkish, Egyptian and American style bellydance from one of Atlanta's top performers. Taylor has been wowing audiences professionally for 10 years, and now she will share some of her secrets in this 2 hour workshop. Dancers will learn combinations they can incorporate into their own dance repertoire and a choreography that will leave the audience on the edge of their seats.


Ziah Ali: Ziah's ATS Technique and ATS Lineage - A Hacker's Guide
(Basic technique minus formations for ATS)
ATS technique via History - Ziah is what is called a "bellydance hacker", meaning she studies the history, lineage and development of each move. In her role as "hacker" she can take the basic Tribal moves and break them down and rebuild them so that you see them in the new light of their history and how they fit into the American Tribal Style vocabulary.

Jendayi: Polynesian Dance
Learn basic Polynesian dance steps and terminology from the islands of Hawaii and Tahiti. Students will learn combinations from 3 different hula choreographies, both ancient, modern and the fast energetic “otea” Tahitian style dance.
The workshop will cover 3 different types of Polynesian dances:
• Modern Hula
• Ancient Seated Hula and Kahiko
• Otea – or Tahitian Dance
Please bring a yoga mat and knee pads for the seated hula.


Darbuka Dave: Basic Darbuka/Doumbek
This class covers proper Arabic and Turkish technique, with a focus on proper hand placement, posture, clean execution for optimal sound, and subdivision of tempo.